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We’re Back – Dun Dun Derrrrr!

So, we arrive late to 2013 and with a bit of a bump – quite literally in the case of Benn’s shoulder – but we guess we didn’t miss much…

Oh, we have a new Pope? But the new one’s still alive? Crikey. And North Korea’s doing what? Come on, that’s hardly news.

What was that about Thatcher?

Really? Well, there can’t have been much surprise about that, she was getting on a bit. A couple of headlines, an obituary and footage from the service perhaps…

HOW MUCH? Eleven millions? Strewth. Anyway, far more surprising is the fact we’ve pulled out our fingers and put up the first podcast of 2013, featuring two sketches and the talents of Sean Lock, Martin Trenaman and Joe Wilkinson. Stick that up yer ears and like it.

You may notice we’ve had a facelift – on the website, anyhow. That was one of the reasons for the delay. Let us know what you think of it – email ustweet usor go to our Facebook page.

Another reason for the delay is that we gone and done a sitcom, Quiz Masters, which is available at as a pilot. The rest of the series will be available in the summer.

So there you have it. We hope you enjoy Episode 22 and look forward to seeing you again soon. Like, really soon.


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