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The Musical Legacy of Prof Cox

So, as mentioned in Episode 5, the D:Ream ‘hit’ single, Shoot Me With Your Love. It sounds just like Robbie Williams’ Let Me Entertain You, but drenched in that ubiquitous synth percussion and the housey piano of the early ’90s. Don’t believe me? Have a listen here.

Sadly, I couldn’t find the actual video on YouTube, but it stuck to a pretty simple brief; namely, a naff kaleidoscope with a prominent crosshair motif. Y’know, like a hippy assassin might see if he/she were to try and shoot someone with their love. Singer Peter Cunnah said things that twinned the notions of love, and death by contract, including “Bang, now I’m dead” (2:18) and the short’n’simple “Kill me” (2:10). And there was also┬ásome pretty subliminal graphics flashed up in the middle eight, but the only legible word in it was “logistics”. Balls knows why.

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