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That Tweeny Time…

So we hope you’ve had a loverly Christmas and enjoyed the Chrimble Podcast (and if you’ve not heard it, get on it here!) as we now find ourselves in that odd little week in the dawdling, carbohydrate-induced post-Christmas laziness and the heady, reluctant anticipation of a New Year’s Eve blowout. How will you be spending it? Let us know on the Facebook page.

We at C&MTowers will shortly be locking ourselves away in a bout of self-imposed exile in order to edit together the first episode of Quiz Masters which will be available shortly – plus gearing up for our first episode of 2013. Episode 22, no less. I can let you know this in advance – it will feature AT LEAST three guest jingles, including another Sean Lock one after giving you a little taster in the Christmas Special.

Until then, enjoy your respective indulgences – and a Happy New Year!

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