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How Do I Look?

OK, so you may have noticed we’ve had another website facelift. We think it looks smashing.

You may ask why we did it. While the previous website did what we wanted it to do, we felt it kinda looked a bit dated. The whole reason we updated it in the first place was to monitor listening statistics that were absent in the first inst… Sorry, are we boring you? It’s just that you were looking over the in the other direction. To cut a long story short, this new website means it’s easier to expand whilst looking prettier and making the podcast easier to listen to. So good news all round.

At the same time, we’re still working hard on the Quiz Masters sitcom project, and the rest of the series should be ready for launch by early August. There’ll be seven episodes in total, following the exploits of quiz nerd Ian and his four quizzy cohorts, down at the Molested Lamb weekly pub quiz – if you want to catch up with the pilot episode, you can do so here or via Soundcloud here.

What’s more, Episode 23 of the C&M Podcast is coming your way soon, watch this space. This ever-changing space.