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Coe, Mo and Ho-y – What A Games!

The Olympics Special is up and ready to listen to (remember you can get it on iTunes here) and what a time of it Team GB has had since we recorded it. At the time, we’d not managed to bag a gold medal. Here we are at time of release, and we’ve bagged an historic 22 – sensational. I even had to add an addendum after watching on Super Saturday simply to draw attention to the stupendous SIX we won in a single day – watching Jess Ennis, Greg Rutherford and Mooooooo Farah was a blinder, and needed putting on the podcast record. And so it was.

However for the same record, it appears my rose-tinted view of the Barcelona Games in 1992 led me to make up all sorts of stuff about it. I was positive we’d had more than five gold medals but that’s what we got according to Wikipedia.

NB. I say inspired; I was grossly overweight during the Barcelona Games and would stay so for a year, as well as getting lost during a school cross country run and ending up at the Yorkshire Show Ground (having started off in Yorkshire – I wasn’t bad on a national scale). But I definitely went jogging once.

For the sake of accuracy, I should point out my assertions that Colin Jackson won gold in the 110m hurdles in those Games were utterly wrong – he ran a final at woefully worse pace than his heats which had led to huge expectations (Britain, weighty expectations? Can’t be…). And Jonathan Edwards DID appear at Barcelona in the triple jump, but didn’t even get through qualification – it wasn’t until 1995 that he broke the world record twice. So there we go. Record book – set straight.

We don’t know about you, but we’re ruddy loving these Olympics – hope you are too. Let us know your thoughts – comment here or send us a tweet with the hashtag #candmpodcast. Or just don’t. And enjoy the special podcast!

Episode 17: Olympomania!


A 2012 Olympic Special, where Benn and Pete DISCUS the greatest show on Earth, DIVING into memories of past Games, have a SHOT at a SKEET-CH before posing the e-QUESTRIAN – how will Team GB fare? Plus a new guest jingle…


And what better way to celebrate Team GB’s attack at the medal table than to get the blonde buffoonish mayor of the host city to dangle precariously from a zipwire, gushing with upper-middle class portmanteaus and waving a flag like a patriotic toddler. We here at the C&M ‘Cast are ruddy well enjoying the Olympic Games coming from these Isles Of Wonder, to which Danny Boyle referred to in his cracking opening ceremony (commentated by yours truly here). We’ve just recorded an Olympic special ahead of our annual jaunt up to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival, which should be ready for release by the weekend. If you’ve got tickets to the Games, why not listen to it on your slow, convoluted journey avoiding all the hot-spots responsibly? And if you haven’t got tickets, you can always watch it at home with a flag in your hand and get your neighbours to charge you extortionately for using their toilet and approved soft drinks!

And with that trite cynical observation, and GB’s medal standing actually doing quite well as it stands, let the Games continue!

PS We’re interested to know if the phrase “Honduran stripe”, referring to an area of a chap’s neck which is shaved to provide contrast with the main under-chin beard region, is being used by anyone in everyday conversation after we referred to it in Episode 16. Hit us back with comments or on our Facebook page┬áif you have!