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2014 – All New And Shiny And That

While January can be a fairly miserable time, with the tumult of Christmas and festivities hastily replaced with cold weather, dark nights and for most, a return to some form of drudgery – not to mention getting battered by Atlantic storms and/or being flooded out of your home – we at the C&M Podcast are being optimistic about the prospects in store. In 2013, they said that mankind would never colonise Jupiter. 12 months later, opinion is still pretty much the same (whoever “they” may be), but it’s an exciting thought, eh?

So our ambitions for 2014 are to try and make the podcast more interactive, where Pete and I talk about stuff inspired by yourselves. How will this be achieved? You may well ask. For a start, we’ll be bringing back stuff like the online poll, where you can vote for particular themes for the next podcast. And we’ll make it easier for you to interact with the show, via comments on this blog, emails and social media. It may all come to Jack (whoever “he” may be), but at least we tried. Just like the first plucky Jupiter colonists. When they happen (whoever “they” may be).

We’ll also try and get back to more regular shows which was made tricky with having another podcast to launch – although we’re very proud of Quiz Masters and if you haven’t listened to it yet, you should check it out via the link.

Finally, here’s an interesting interview alluded to in the Christmas episode¬†where young Peter Marshall interviews the condensation of ’90s media brashness and vigour that is Terry Christian, for York’s local channel, One&Other TV. You can watch it here. Children, be warned – he says the word “nob” in it. And Pete does, too. And I just did, back there.

Happy New Year!

And so the pull cord twangs as the curtain of time is tugged reluctantly into place (after realising you’ve been pulling the wrong way and accumulated a glut of slackened curtain cord), drawing to a close this most momentous year. We’ve had an astonishing Olympic summer in which even those most hardily opposed to sport got into the spirit of the Games; another bonza time up in Edinburgh for the Festival; a podcast from the States; our first podcast interviews; and a load of lovely contributions from some of our favourite performers and funnyfolk including Bec Hill, Silky, Sean Lock and Sheeps.

And as if that isn’t enough, there are two cresting waves just waiting to break in the New Podcast Year, and they be:

  • A bevvy of three guest links, including something special for fans of both The Inbetweeners and Him And Her.
  • Our brand new sitcom Quiz Masters which begins in January. In fact, we’re recording the second two episodes shortly! Watch this space for further release details.

So until then, while there’s still time to reflect on what you’ve done (in a nostalgic way, not a “what a bad little boy/girl/boy-girl you’ve been!” way) and still time to resolve what resolutions you don’t intend to keep for the next 72 hours, let us say a hearty Happy New Year to all our subscribers and a big, welcoming “hello” to all those newbies who they’ll tell about the podcast in 2013! Happynooyear!

That Tweeny Time…

So we hope you’ve had a loverly Christmas and enjoyed the Chrimble Podcast (and if you’ve not heard it, get on it here!) as we now find ourselves in that odd little week in the dawdling, carbohydrate-induced post-Christmas laziness and the heady, reluctant anticipation of a New Year’s Eve blowout. How will you be spending it? Let us know on the Facebook page.

We at C&MTowers will shortly be locking ourselves away in a bout of self-imposed exile in order to edit together the first episode of Quiz Masters which will be available shortly – plus gearing up for our first episode of 2013. Episode 22, no less. I can let you know this in advance – it will feature AT LEAST three guest jingles, including another Sean Lock one after giving you a little taster in the Christmas Special.

Until then, enjoy your respective indulgences – and a Happy New Year!