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So, we gone and done another Fringe. Our third podganza in Edinburgh’s fine capital finally saw the C&M Podcast reach the top of Arthur’s Seat, and features literally ace broadcaster Shaun Keaveny, an interview with officially hilarious Nat Luurtsema and the highest comedian in Edinburgh, Barry Ferns (whose name is also Lionel Richie. Don’t believe us? Check out the picture below).

photo (3)

With the notable absence of the Tickler of Ears that is Pete Marshall, strutting young buck Aidan McCaffery amply filled his shoes (sparing any fussy admin by nobly having a surname beginning with M, meaning it’s still technically the C&M Podcast).

Episode 25: This Podcast Belongs To Lionel Richie is available now, here – just in time to congratulate this year’s Comedy Award winners, Bridget Christie and John Kearns. Bravo!

NB Keen observers will notice a blip in the episode numbers, jumping straight from 22 to 25. We assure listeners we can still count, and we want to get the Fringe Special out there while it’s still actually happening, so Episodes 23 and 24 will be available shortly. We’re calling them “The Missing Episodes” to give them a sense of mystery.

The View From The Top

The last thing Aidan and I were expecting to see at the top of Arthur’s Seat was a gig – but that’s exactly what we found, when lovely man Barry Ferns put on Edinburgh’s highest performance, without doubt the Fringiest thing we’d seen at the Fringe. He’d also changed his name by deed poll to Lionel Richie. As you do. And he did a bit for our podcast too, what a splendid fellow. (Although it turns out it wasn’t me he was looking for.)

Here’s some pics of the event.

photo (2)


photo (1)