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What Do You Like? What Don’t You Like?

Yes, I know, they’re two big and somewhat ill-defined questions, but things’re gonna be changin’ round these parts soon. New features on the podcast, a new-look website – so we’d like to know your thoughts. Leave a comment, send us an email or write something on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear your thoughts. No, genuinely, we would. Christ, just a “hello” would be nice.

Oh, and while we’re here, Episode 13 is now available right here or on iTunes, yay!

8th Best At Being Me

I’m sure blogging on a phone in an airport should be more fun than it is. It sounds pretty glamorous, and it’s a first for me but nevertheless doesn’t take the edge off the fact I got up at 6:30am to catch a 2pm flight (delayed, I hasten to add – anyone with any knowledge of my timing knows earliness isn’t a friend of mine. But far be it from me to bemoan travel delays, not my style. No way, Josie.)

Although it’s by writing this blog in somewhat novel fashion that I find myself googling “Cordrey” and “Marshall” in conjunction. I admit I’m guilty of googling myself on occasion but this time, I was ‘going tandem’. What vexed me is this site come in 8th place. If Google is the power that be’s (and I’ve no alternative to suggest it isn’t), then we’re 8th best at being us. As a possessor of an unusual surname, I expected to have done a bit of Google’s work for them. Turns out there’s Cordrays out there (seven, numerically speaking) better at knowing Marshalls than me, and they’re changing the spelling to irk me while they’re at it.

That’s not strictly true as our Facebook page is top, but that’s not been touched for months and Facebook should rightly take any search engine glory. So Task #1, ahead of the forthcoming Twitter competition, is to get better at being us. I’m going to start by practising my signature and updating my voicemail greeting, and then I’ll tell Peter to remind himself of his favourite type of pasta. It’s by no means exhaustive, but it’s a start.