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Edinburgh Fringe 2014 – Brand New Episode!

EdFringe 2014


Another year, another Fringe and another superb bevy of performers, acts and shows. You can hear the latest episode here which features mine and Aidan‘s recommendations and the shows we saw, but here’s a round-up of all the highlights and links to the show’s pages. If you’re up for the closing weekend, you could do a lot worse than checking them out. Also huge congratulations to John Kearns and Alex Edelman who won the Edinburgh Comedy Award and Best Newcomer respectively.

  • Bec Hill in… Ellipsis – another superb show from a good friend of the podcast, replete with songs, puns and the pop-up hilarity that Bec excels in. Plus free cheese.
  • Matt Forde, 24 Hour Political Party People – Matt’s impressions are worth the ticket price alone, but his energy, ebullience and sheer cheer-you-up energy make this a fantastically fun show.
  • Nish Kumar: Ruminations on the Nature of Subjectivity – yes, the title’s a bit wordy but consistently hilarious observations and a thoroughly enjoyable show.
  • James Cook: Always Be Rolling – an invitingly warm, well-researched and enjoyable show from the hugely talented James, especially if you’ve ever played a board game. Plus he gets the interview treatment in the latest episode.
  • Dan Clark: Me, My Selfie And I – touching, introspective and uplifting show from the How Not To Live Your Life star. Christ, that makes it sound like a cry for help – it’s not, it’s a great show. And it’s got songs in it.
  • Vikki Stone: Instrumental – also has lots of songs in it, and creatively described as a mixture of Victoria Wood and Tim Minchin. High praise indeed. Extraordinarily talented, that Vikki.
  • Marcel Lucont Is – I’d been meaning to see this fella for ages, and delighted that I did. Masterfully louche and laid-back, he oozes Gallic charm as he nonchalantly delivers poetry and sips his Châteauneuf-du-Pape, even with a cold the night I saw him.
  • Massive Dad – hilarious sketch trio with a deliciously absurd take on sketches, wonderfully performed and excellently written material. Ones to watch.
  • Lazy Susan: Extreme Humans – superb sketches filled with wit, pathos and soul. It’s rare you get sketches where you feel for the characters as much as these. Rightly nominated for the Best Newcomer award and superbly acted.
  • Barbara Nice: Squirrel Proof – it’s difficult not to enjoy Barbara’s infectious enthusiasm, when she corrals the audience into assisting her with a stage dive and leave the show singing Bear Necessities down George Street en masse. If she can’t make you chuckle, I’d check your vital signs.
  • Kate Smurthwaite: Evolution Will Be Televised – one of at least three shows from my favourite Ken Clarke-basher. Interesting, informed and passionately delivered.
  • Gein’s Family Giftshop – another fantastic sketch group, from my native Manchester. Cheeky, a little naughty and utterly hilarious. Also nominated for Best Newcomer.
  • James Acaster: Recognise – third-time award nominated, deconstructed silliness and beautifully measured delivery.
  • Tom Binns Has Not Been Himself – frank and hilarious, Tom describes how his inner demons have led to a career in radio best described as a roller coaster, and features two of his finest characters, Ian D Montford and Ivan Brackenbury
  • Mike Lawrence: The Gingerbeard Man – inviting and personable, Mike’s hilarious accounts and pop culture references at the Stand are well worth watching.
  • Alex Edelman – looks like a combination of Nigel Havers and Ferris Bueller-era Matthew Broderick, sounds like every Simpsons character ever, thoroughly hilarious. Winner of the Best Newcomer 2014 as well.
  • Martin Mor – boisterous and infectiously funny from the off, this hairy and hilarious Northern Irishman hosts the LOLympics at City Cafe along with equally brilliant Bronston Jones. Both have their own solo shows.
  • Adam Hess: Mustard – not really sure why it’s called Mustard, but Adam’s energy and sheer exuberance are hard not to enjoy, even when you’re three days into the Fringe and frankly knackered.
  • Max Dickins: My Groupon Adventure – I didn’t see this show but Aidan informs it’s excellent. In his words, “great show, and if nothing else he compares an enema to ‘being bummed by the sea'”
  • David Trent – another show Aidan saw and I didn’t, but “if you like your multimedia presentations rage-filled and laugh a minute hilarious, David’s is the show for you.”

So there you go. If you get chance to see any of the above, we highly doubt you’ll regret it. And if you manage to see the lot of them, we’ll be very impressed as there’s barely a weekend left.

Gearing Up For Edinburgh 2014


Right, you lot – here’s what’s coming up in the near future across the C&M horizon. After all the Quiz Masters stuff last year, we’ve been thinking about what to do next. And to be honest… we’re still thinking. But one thing is for sure – we’re going back up to the fine city of Edinburgh to partake in its myriad comedic offerings, while we don’t have to be in possession of a passport to get in. And we’re going to be doing our third EdFest special while we’re there (here’s the last one), giving our tips of who to see, where to see it and  speaking to those at the coalface (or rather, volcano face) about them being funny. Sound good? You betcha.

Oh, and in case you thought we were just idling around doing nowt throughout 2014, Pete’s done a film (you can see the trailer here) and Aidan has written a new sitcom about politics (recording soon in London) and I’ve eaten a bacon sandwich, which the above picture clearly shows.

So adios for now, and see you in Edinburgh!