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Quiz Masters

Here at C&MTowers, we’re very excited to announce that we’ll shortly be launching our seminal jaunt into a full blown sitcom. Written by bright young thing Aidan McCaffery, “Quiz Masters” follows a group of five chums as they plot their incongruous paths through their tumultuous lives with one thing that unites them – their attendance every week for the pub quiz at nobody’s favourite pub, The Molested Lamb. Proceedings are overseen by the beady eye (and hairy face) of “The Quiz Master” – don’t bother asking Mick his real name, he’ll never tell you.

Episode 1 will be out in early January, and you’ll be able to get it right from this site. With a bit of luck, we’ll have it launched through iTunes too, by Episode 2.

Keep reading the blog and our Twitter hashtag #candmpodcast for more details of when it’ll be up.

And you can hear a taster of the opening scene in the Christmas Special here!

Episode 21: 2012 Christmas Special!


A Yuletide cracker packed with seasonal titbits, including ace stand-up Silky, a duo of festive sketches, brand new sitcom Quiz Masters, our trademark blend of banter and secret spices – plus added Sean Lock, and not a humbug in sight. Merry Christmas!

Merry Podmas!

As the curtain of time begins to shudder towards its inexorable drawing over the barely-still-visible remnants of 2012 – truly a momentous year – it’s time for the equally inevitable Christmas cash-in that is the Cordrey & Marshall Podcast Christmas Special! (Not that there’s any cash in it, of course, we do it for the sheer love, and ego massage)

Both Pete and I love Christmas to bits, and this year we managed to get it done in timely fashion just under a week before Christmas. Plus we managed to cram it fuller than turkey being prepared by a hungry, chubby person for another person with a much smaller preference for seasonal fowl but who was also responsible for buying the turkey. (You may question why these two people would end up living together – or even just sharing Christmas dinner cooking duties – but besides this annual stuffing kerfuffle, the two of them are actually a great match.)

And please allow that abstract and tenuous analogy to be our first Christmas gift to you, dear subscribers – and allow the second to be the podcast itself, available from this very site here or from iTunes. It’s got two – yes, TWO – sketches, another taster of our upcoming sitcom “Quiz Masters” by Aidan McCaffery (see preceding blog post), an interview and performance clips from excellent comedian and compere Silky, a birra festive banter – plus a lirrul jingle from one of my favourite ever comedians, Sean Lock. Feel free to drape yourself in tinsel as you listen to it – you cannot fail to feel Christmassy after that.

So enjoy listening, tell your friends – and have a great Christmas!

Happy Christmas!

So the festive edition of the podcast is just in time for you to listen to, in order to get you really in the mood for the Yuletide season. We can’t lie, we ruddy well love Christmas at C&M HQ and with all the excitement of mulled wine, port and chilli (not the most festive dish admittedly, but it sure was tasty) we let our guards drop a little bit so we had to get the editor to interject at certain points in the finished product, but hopefully it won’t ruin your seasonal listening. That said, it’s in keeping with the general theme of disappointment surrounding my annual Let-Down-athon, and event which promises so much and delivers… a different amount. For more details, have a holly-decked listen to Episode 12. And a merry Christmas to y’all!