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Spicy Cats

So Episode 10 is out, back in the familiarity and warmth of a studio (or “duvet” as we prefer to call it). Gone is the jaunty, ‘alternative’ version of our theme tune, it’s back to the one with the ‘urban’ theme. God, we’re almost too down with the kids. (Although I think I now prefer the jaunty one – don’t worry, it’ll get another airing.)

In the episode, Peter reveals to me a picture of the two-faced (literally, not metaphorically) and indeed record-breaking Frank ‘n’ Louie, a Janus cat from Massachusetts. At 12 years old, he (or perhaps they) is the oldest surviving example of its breed. Here’s a picture to give you an idea why I reacted the way I did.

We also mention a little game I saw on Facebook called Supermarket Scrabble, where the first letters of various spices can be arranged into humorous words, like the one below. Standard Scrabble scores are attributed, but extra points for whimsical smuttiness are awarded. Obscenity, however, will be heavily moderated.

Comment with submissions from your own rack (steady on…) or via our Facebook page. The best submission will be announced in Episode 11, and will receive a prize! Go for it, you saucy spicesters…