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Gearing Up For Edinburgh 2014


Right, you lot – here’s what’s coming up in the near future across the C&M horizon. After all the Quiz Masters stuff last year, we’ve been thinking about what to do next. And to be honest… we’re still thinking. But one thing is for sure – we’re going back up to the fine city of Edinburgh to partake in its myriad comedic offerings, while we don’t have to be in possession of a passport to get in. And we’re going to be doing our third EdFest special while we’re there (here’s the last one), giving our tips of who to see, where to see it and  speaking to those at the coalface (or rather, volcano face) about them being funny. Sound good? You betcha.

Oh, and in case you thought we were just idling around doing nowt throughout 2014, Pete’s done a film (you can see the trailer here) and Aidan has written a new sitcom about politics (recording soon in London) and I’ve eaten a bacon sandwich, which the above picture clearly shows.

So adios for now, and see you in Edinburgh!

Episode 26: The Third Christmas Turkey

Christmas is full of traditions – worrying about gifts, overindulgence, putting trees indoors and disappointing seasonal specials, so in keeping with tradition, enjoy Benn and Pete’s Christmas 2013 offering, complete with baby-themed sketch!