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The Musical Legacy of Prof Cox

So, as mentioned in Episode 5, the D:Ream ‘hit’ single, Shoot Me With Your Love. It sounds just like Robbie Williams’ Let Me Entertain You, but drenched in that ubiquitous synth percussion and the housey piano of the early ’90s. Don’t believe me? Have a listen here.

Sadly, I couldn’t find the actual video on YouTube, but it stuck to a pretty simple brief; namely, a naff kaleidoscope with a prominent crosshair motif. Y’know, like a hippy assassin might see if he/she were to try and shoot someone with their love. Singer Peter Cunnah said things that twinned the notions of love, and death by contract, including “Bang, now I’m dead” (2:18) and the short’n’simple “Kill me” (2:10). And there was also┬ásome pretty subliminal graphics flashed up in the middle eight, but the only legible word in it was “logistics”. Balls knows why.

Episode 5: All Of A-Twitter


After nearly coming a cropper on a stag do, Benn and Pete talk mortality and Prof Brian Cox, as well as introducing their Twitter competition. Help them get ten more followers before the next podcast, when they’ll be at the Edinburgh Festival!

Back once again for the Renegade Master

Well, there are several ways to describe recent blogging activity. Tardy, lazy – there’s two straight off. But apologetic also? Why, yes indeed so without further ado, let’s crack on. (And as footnote to this apology, I’ll add that Episode 5 of the podcast is going to be available to pour into your ears like audio treacle very shortly. Consider it our way of making amends for our absence…)

So we’ve been writing some new sketches and stuff and already preparing ourselves for Episode 6, an Edinburgh Festival special – we’ll be coming to you live* from the streets, ginnels, nooks and crannies of this splendid city. And should we have room on the train, we’ll bring you some crannies back – can’t say fairer than that.

We might meet some aspiring comedians, street performers and artists willing to give us a jingle in exchange for a Shameless Plug. We might even meet some famous ones, who knows? So watch this space.

Until then, get ready for our forthcoming competition… Well, more a contest really. I’ll stay intriguingly vague for the minute but I will say it involves our Twitter pages. Following us already? Great! Not doing so? Hey ho. Why not start? Go on. It’s not just for Stephen Fry and people wanting money out of Ryan Giggs, honest. (Prof Brian Cox is on there too.)

And I’ll leave you with a final thought – isn’t it lovely that lovely Tom Pellereau won The Lovely Apprentice? Both of us are voracious fans of both the show and Lovely Tom. His win is justified by his air-punching alone. While we’re on a Twitter tip (or “twip”, as it should never be referred to as EVER AGAIN), you can follow him too – @inventor_tom. Opinions, etcetera on Tom? On us? On Edinburgh? Leave us a comment below…


*(When we say “live”, you and I both know it ain’t gonna be. It’ll SOUND it though. Boy, will it SOUND live.)