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Merry Christmas 2013

It’s with slight disbelief that we can announce it’s our third year of doing a Christmas special of The Cordrey & Marshall Podcast, but also joy and seasonal jubilation. Admittedly it’s been a quieter year here, overshadowed by our efforts on the sister podcast Quiz Masters but our latest episode is ready for you to sink your festive teeth into here, or you can subscribe as ever for free via iTunes here. We had to record it remotely so the sound is a bit tinny, but more than compensated by the sheer amount of Yuletide cheer in our bellies!

We wish all our subscribers and listeners a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year – ding dong!

Quiz Masters, Ho!

Our sister podcast, the sit-pod-com Quiz Masters, is now fully under way with Episode 3 available to listen to tomorrow evening. Episode 2 is up already and the rest of the series, plus the promotional minisodes, are all up on the site for your delectation. Plus there’s a competition where you can win a beautiful etched glass tankard – enter here before it closes at midnight tonight (that’s Sunday 13th October).

Peter and I will be back in your ears before too long with a new podcast, having vented forth the bevy of podcasts over the summer and a brief hiatus while Quiz Masters gets launched. And with the approach of the festive season will come plans for the obligatory seasonal podcast – but enough of this crazy talk, it’s not even Halloween yet!

Until then, enjoy Quiz Masters!

How Do I Look?

OK, so you may have noticed we’ve had another website facelift. We think it looks smashing.

You may ask why we did it. While the previous website did what we wanted it to do, we felt it kinda looked a bit dated. The whole reason we updated it in the first place was to monitor listening statistics that were absent in the first inst… Sorry, are we boring you? It’s just that you were looking over the in the other direction. To cut a long story short, this new website means it’s easier to expand whilst looking prettier and making the podcast easier to listen to. So good news all round.

At the same time, we’re still working hard on the Quiz Masters sitcom project, and the rest of the series should be ready for launch by early August. There’ll be seven episodes in total, following the exploits of quiz nerd Ian and his four quizzy cohorts, down at the Molested Lamb weekly pub quiz – if you want to catch up with the pilot episode, you can do so here or via Soundcloud here.

What’s more, Episode 23 of the C&M Podcast is coming your way soon, watch this space. This ever-changing space.

Digital Murmurings

We at C&M Towers have been fretting, sweating and fussing over the new Quiz Masters sitcom which will be splurged all over the internet imminently, and to celebrate this, Peter and I will shortly be getting our noggins together for the first podcast of 2013. It’ll feature jingles from the likes of Joe Wilkinson and Martin Trenaman and plenty more besides.

And I know we said this about a year ago, but we’re doing the website up so it’ll look neat and tidy and different (not that it isn’t neat and tidy now). You’ll still be able to get it through iTunes and the website, and you’ll be able to hear Quiz Masters through it too, but you’ll also be able to listen via Soundcloud, YouTube and direct download. Just making it easier, y’all. Ironically, I myself am currently doing my crazy nut, working out how I built this site in the first place and backward engineering it into its new shape – but it’s coming, I feel it in my iBones!

Well, This Is Awkward…

Fits and starts – that’s the way we like to do things here at the C&M Podcast, in fits and starts. Well, we don’t like doing them that way, but that’s inevitably the way things pan out. But no more excuses. Sure, the website’s been looking dirty for a while, and it’s taken us a while to wipe up the digital vomit that was the nasty code on the front page, but rest assured we are on it. Like a car bonnet. And soon the entire site will be spruced up with a brand new look, easier to navigate and with all the back catalogue available via the website and iTunes. Plus the latest episode, AND links to great stuff like our joint sitcom venture Quiz Masters. So consider this very much the middle of a big ol’ fit and a colossal start.