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Episode 4: Chod And Mash


8-bit no-goodniks Chod and Mash tackle the People’s Chosen Topic of animals, shamelessly plug their friends’ endeavours, plus the all-important Peter Marshall Leg Update. Is it still there? Only one way to find out…

Computer game baddies

Owing to a mispronunciation on my part in Episode 3 of the podcast (which I’m blaming on a pathological fascination with my own accent – you know, real natural, like), I gave the two of us the monikers “Mash and Chod”. Peter (the Mash in question) noted observantly that this made us sound like baddies from a computer game, circa 1994. Possibly in English translated from Japanese, badly.

(NB I suppose that would make it a Megadrive game, or at a push a Gameboy game – unless you were of a more substantial income, in which case it’d be a SNES game. Or you were even more substantialer incomer, but at the same time not really that savvy, in which case it’d be the Mega-CD, possibly even the Mega-32 (anyone?). Or you were refined in your geekery and had an Amiga. Oh yeah. <goes for a high-five, gets nothing but air and swiftly ‘recoups’ into a hair sweep>)

And this made me think… anyone got any favourite computer game baddies? (And for the sake of the younger folks, “computer games” are basically the same as “video games”, but you had to program them yourselves using pooey twigs and reams of hieroglyphics; all the numbers were in fractions; and a mandatory break for a meal involving crispy chicken drummers was hard-coded into their design)

I always had a soft spot for the imaginatively titled Mr Big on Streets of Rage – possibly cos he conspiratorially invited you to join him before you got to kick his nuts in. If you chose to do so, you went back two levels to the boring factory level. I was always under the impression that if you progressed far enough to confront him again and repeated this choice, the skies would literally shit forth coins on you, and Blaze (the feisty female character and the closest thing we had to carnal awareness back then that didn’t involve Steven down the road) would perform an erotic Arabesque revue for your private delectation.

A special mention must also go to the bouncing purple critter in Dr Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, where the difficulty became noticeably harder. It was for this reason that he was known as simply The Purple Bastard in my, admittedly small, bunch of friends.

How about you lot, any worthy mentions? Simply add your comments below!