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Supermarket: Scrobbled

So, how are your Supermarket Scrabble efforts coming along? As you’ll remember from Episode 10 (providing you’ve heard it… What? You’ve not? Well then, good job you can listen here), we issued a challenge for listeners to visit the spice aisle in their local supermarket or grocers and, providing they helpfully label their spices with a large, plainly legible block capital of the initial letter, spell out a word or phrase in said condiments. Entries have admittedly been thin on the ground, so come on folks, get out and start arranging!

To get you thinking, here are my recent efforts.


My first attempt – rude but not profane.


See, you CAN use it as a platform for nice, encouraging words…


..Or use it to take a stance on Ricky Gervais’ recent insistence upon using controversial language.

Some words of advice though: far be it from us at The Cordrey & Marshall Podcast to be encouraging anybody to be leaving the spice aisle (or any aisle for that matter) in an untidy fashion, we’d expect you to leave the aisle as you found it, if not tidier. Secondly, I’d like to think we’re all above the level of smut that could be stooped to for such a challenge, so while naughty words can doubtless be amusing, let’s aim higher than that. And if you’re going to spell out a spicy swearword, have the good grace to avoid leaving it spelled out for a young whippersnapper to read. With the nation barely recovered from the summer riots and the populace teetering on a knife edge, one wayward toddler with a peppery profanity bouncing round inside their head is a one-way ticket to BackWhereWeStartedsville, calling at Badplace, Broken Britain Parkway and Dysfunctional Temple Meads.

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