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Out With The Old

It only takes one tree...

It only takes one tree…

A match; well, two to be precise. One – spent, extinguished, charred, burnt; the other – new, unused, slightly dangerous, bursting with potential. A metaphor, if you will, for The Cordrey & Marshall Podcast. We’re getting ready to relaunch this mother and turn it from the spent match of all that has been, to the stark, bold, unabashed, exciting phoenix due to burst forth from the ashes. So strap yourself in and hold tight, cos this goes deep.

The cynics among you may think, “this metaphor looks suspiciously like it’s been crowbarred around the first thing you could find on your desk – and what’s with the garage lyrics?” Well, shush you, you cynics. This is our way of letting you know there’ll be a new look podcast when we see you next. New website, new theme tune – the lot.

Until then, watch this space, spread the love and – in the words of headphones merchandiser extraordinaire, Dr Dre – hope you’re ready for the next episode. (Hey-ey-eeyeey.)

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