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Leaving Las Vegas

Thankfully, I’m not sharing the fate of Nic Cage’s character in the titular movie (ie drinking myself to death with Elizabeth Shue – although there has been relatively immodest amounts of drinking, and a Hispanic chap handed me a flyer with a scantily-clad jaunty-looking lady on it, so there are parallels.) Rather I’m road tripping the western side of the US and, to adopt the parlance of our Stateside brothers and sisters, “it’s ruddy awesome! Elections! I like baseball and generous portions!”

Yesterday was a high-octane day in Las Vegas; riding two rooftop rollercoasters (including one on a skyscraper), witnessing a simulated nuclear blast, learning about aliens, flying a zip wire over a massive crowd of gamblers, rocking out to an overhead projection of Queen down a whole street, and searching for a neon graveyard – sadly shut till October.

Today after leaving the hotel, we’ve traversed three states; starting in Nevada, we skirted into Arizona before ending up in Utah for some hearty fayre and the astonishing ZionNational Park where we strolled down a gorge, avoided being bitten by squirrels and tarantulas and generally enjoyed being visually overwhelmed. Just enough time to grab an authentic cowboy hat and wend our way back into Arizona for a kip in a lodge. Tomorrow – the Grand Canyon. Perhaps by then they’ll have finished it by filling in all the gaps.

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