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Happy New Year!

And so the pull cord twangs as the curtain of time is tugged reluctantly into place (after realising you’ve been pulling the wrong way and accumulated a glut of slackened curtain cord), drawing to a close this most momentous year. We’ve had an astonishing Olympic summer in which even those most hardily opposed to sport got into the spirit of the Games; another bonza time up in Edinburgh for the Festival; a podcast from the States; our first podcast interviews; and a load of lovely contributions from some of our favourite performers and funnyfolk including Bec Hill, Silky, Sean Lock and Sheeps.

And as if that isn’t enough, there are two cresting waves just waiting to break in the New Podcast Year, and they be:

  • A bevvy of three guest links, including something special for fans of both The Inbetweeners and Him And Her.
  • Our brand new sitcom Quiz Masters which begins in January. In fact, we’re recording the second two episodes shortly! Watch this space for further release details.

So until then, while there’s still time to reflect on what you’ve done (in a nostalgic way, not a “what a bad little boy/girl/boy-girl you’ve been!” way) and still time to resolve what resolutions you don’t intend to keep for the next 72 hours, let us say a hearty Happy New Year to all our subscribers and a big, welcoming “hello” to all those newbies who they’ll tell about the podcast in 2013! Happynooyear!

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