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Digital Murmurings

We at C&M Towers have been fretting, sweating and fussing over the new Quiz Masters sitcom which will be splurged all over the internet imminently, and to celebrate this, Peter and I will shortly be getting our noggins together for the first podcast of 2013. It’ll feature jingles from the likes of Joe Wilkinson and Martin Trenaman and plenty more besides.

And I know we said this about a year ago, but we’re doing the website up so it’ll look neat and tidy and different (not that it isn’t neat and tidy now). You’ll still be able to get it through iTunes and the website, and you’ll be able to hear Quiz Masters through it too, but you’ll also be able to listen via Soundcloud, YouTube and direct download. Just making it easier, y’all. Ironically, I myself am currently doing my crazy nut, working out how I built this site in the first place and backward engineering it into its new shape – but it’s coming, I feel it in my iBones!

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