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2014 – All New And Shiny And That

While January can be a fairly miserable time, with the tumult of Christmas and festivities hastily replaced with cold weather, dark nights and for most, a return to some form of drudgery – not to mention getting battered by Atlantic storms and/or being flooded out of your home – we at the C&M Podcast are being optimistic about the prospects in store. In 2013, they said that mankind would never colonise Jupiter. 12 months later, opinion is still pretty much the same (whoever “they” may be), but it’s an exciting thought, eh?

So our ambitions for 2014 are to try and make the podcast more interactive, where Pete and I talk about stuff inspired by yourselves. How will this be achieved? You may well ask. For a start, we’ll be bringing back stuff like the online poll, where you can vote for particular themes for the next podcast. And we’ll make it easier for you to interact with the show, via comments on this blog, emails and social media. It may all come to Jack (whoever “he” may be), but at least we tried. Just like the first plucky Jupiter colonists. When they happen (whoever “they” may be).

We’ll also try and get back to more regular shows which was made tricky with having another podcast to launch – although we’re very proud of Quiz Masters and if you haven’t listened to it yet, you should check it out via the link.

Finally, here’s an interesting interview alluded to in the Christmas episode where young Peter Marshall interviews the condensation of ’90s media brashness and vigour that is Terry Christian, for York’s local channel, One&Other TV. You can watch it here. Children, be warned – he says the word “nob” in it. And Pete does, too. And I just did, back there.

Merry Christmas 2013

It’s with slight disbelief that we can announce it’s our third year of doing a Christmas special of The Cordrey & Marshall Podcast, but also joy and seasonal jubilation. Admittedly it’s been a quieter year here, overshadowed by our efforts on the sister podcast Quiz Masters but our latest episode is ready for you to sink your festive teeth into here, or you can subscribe as ever for free via iTunes here. We had to record it remotely so the sound is a bit tinny, but more than compensated by the sheer amount of Yuletide cheer in our bellies!

We wish all our subscribers and listeners a very happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year – ding dong!

Quiz Masters, Ho!

Our sister podcast, the sit-pod-com Quiz Masters, is now fully under way with Episode 3 available to listen to tomorrow evening. Episode 2 is up already and the rest of the series, plus the promotional minisodes, are all up on the site for your delectation. Plus there’s a competition where you can win a beautiful etched glass tankard – enter here before it closes at midnight tonight (that’s Sunday 13th October).

Peter and I will be back in your ears before too long with a new podcast, having vented forth the bevy of podcasts over the summer and a brief hiatus while Quiz Masters gets launched. And with the approach of the festive season will come plans for the obligatory seasonal podcast – but enough of this crazy talk, it’s not even Halloween yet!

Until then, enjoy Quiz Masters!

Quiz Masters Launch Trailer

Our sister podcast Quiz Masters will be releasing the rest of Series 1 in just under two weeks’ time with a launch event in London, coinciding with the release of Episode 2: Love And/Or War. You can hear the first pilot episode on the homepage or via the iTunes feed. To whet your appetites, there’s a trailer. Listen to it here! There’ll also be a bunch of extra audio goodies coming next week, including a director’s cut of Episode 1. After all, it was February when it came out and what with the lovely summer we’ve had and all that Breaking Bad going on, we’ll forgive you for forgetting the storylines…

Subscription Sub-slip-tions

We’ve heard from a couple of subscribers that they’re no longer receiving automatic updates of the podcast via iTunes. iTunes has a number of built-in behaviours which limit the automatic downloading of podcasts which can be helpful to avoid devices getting crammed with old episodes, but also means you might stop getting the latest episodes.

The following is from the iTunes support site:

Pausing a Subscription.
iTunes automatically pauses a subscription and won’t download further episodes if the following conditions are both met:

  • The user has not played any episode downloaded in the past five updates (there may be more than one episode downloaded per update).
  • More than five days have elapsed since an episode was played.

In addition to minimizing unnecessary bandwidth costs for both the user and the podcaster, the unsubscribe logic built into the iTunes client makes it more likely that episode downloads, as reported by a podcaster to a sponsor, are roughly in line with actual plays of the episode.

The easiest way to check if you’re subscribed is to click here to check your iTunes; from there you can resubscribe or refresh your podcasts. If you’re using the iPhone/iPod/iPad Podcast App and you’re finding it’s not refreshing with the correct podcasts, check the sync settings the next time you sync your device and make sure you enable syncing of all episodes or all new episodes depending on your preferences. If that still doesn’t work, try syncing your device, deleting the app and then reinstalling it from the computer you’re syncing it with, and that should move all your podcasts to your device via the app. It’s not a bad idea to do a back-up first; always best to have a back-up, as any member of the A-Team will tell you.

Hope you continue to enjoy listening!