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2012: A Year Of Promise, Portent And Paralympics…

..Plus the Olympics themselves, but they didn’t begin with P and so didn’t fit the criteria for my alliterative title. We here at the C&M Podcast (that’ll be C and M, mainly) hope you all had a lovely Christmas time, aided in some way by our festive podcast. (And in the interest of breaking down the walls of exclusivity, we hope December brought a happy and pleasant Ashura, Bodhi Day and Hanukkah to our non-Christian subscribers, plus a big Wiccan shout-out to our Pagan listeners – we hope your Yuletide was very special*.) You can of course still get in the mood and listen to the Christmas episode right up till 6th January as it’s still technically Christmas. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise while you sit in your pedantic bubble with your headphones and stale mince pie.

So what does this year hold in store for the C&M world? Well, seeing as the Mayans held this year in particular significance, and in true Nostradamus style, we’re going to lay down our predictions for the coming 12 months:

  1.  There shall be more collaborations, with broadcasters, entertainers and other podcasters. The more we can get to do jingles alongside Adam Buxton and Jon Richardson, the better.
  2. Cordrey shall join Marshall by treading the boards of many a dingy room above a pub and venture into the world of stand-up. He’ll even document his journey on this ‘ere blog.
  3. We’ll go to Edinburgh again, and another mystery location. No prizes for guessing where. (Not because it’s obvious, we just don’t have any.)
  4. The world will not end as the Mayans predicted, but Sri Lankan vocalist MIA, American “Ghetto Superstar” and “Lady Marmalade” singer Mya, British broadcaster Simon Mayo, the creators of Maya 3D rendering software and the Model Yachting Association will all notice significant problems with their broadband provider. We should be grateful it’s the lesser of two evils.

What do you think will happen? Do you plan to do anything yourself? Do let us know – comment below or drop us an email or a tweet, using the hashtag #candmpodcast. We’ll report back in the next episode.

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